Care & supports of learners

Fostering a culture of outstanding health , safety and learner's wellbeing in CIA is our major concern.

heritage of excellence

Chohkmah International Academy heritage in a modern campus delivering outstanding results.

future-ready curriculum

Our learning and teaching policy emphasizes the importance of exciting, relevant and challenging lessons to prepare learners for life.

Welcome to Chokhmah International Academy

At Chokhmah International Academy, we are committed to providing learners with a world- class educational experience. The school views every child as a self-directed learner who can fulfill his or her potential. Young minds are helped to absorb knowledge while developing courage and perspective to perceive the world boldly.

Infant School

Ages: 3 - 7 years

Infant School

Junior School

Ages: 7-11 years

Junior School

Secondary School

Ages: 11-18 years

College( Day & Boarding)

Why Choose Chokhmah ?

Personalized Learning

We understand that every child is different and such must  be treated as an individual. We  make sure that our teachers are trained to cater for the individual learning needs of every child.

Spiritual and Moral Development

Chokhmah International Academy is a Christian School and seeks to promote excellence in all spheres of human endevour. Management ensures that the learners and staff are morally upright and adhere to the high standards of deep spirituality and moral behaviour.


Bringing Excellence to Learners

We prepare our learners to develop a global outlook through a perfect blending of innovations in education and building up values that transform young generation in to successful individuals.

We believe that each child is God’s unique and very special creation and is therefore valued above all else. Every learner is treated as a competent individual capable of self-directed learning.

Events & Activities

Chokhmah Learners On Fathers' Day.

Chokhmah learners on Fathers’ Day – The role of fathers in the character moulding of their children in the 21st century.


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alliance francaise

Chokhmah International Academy is an international missionary school. The school was established on the strong Christian values of Character and Excellence.

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