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CHOKHMAH  INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY is committed to taking this heritage into wider prospect through its world-class facilities. We are the most sought-after private International School in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, which offers excellence in academics and infrastructure facilities. We believe that without advanced facilities, a subject cannot be learned well. Thus, we provide the best facilities for our learners to enhance and empower them with competitive skills. It is our pride to be the best  school in south-south  with better facilities in Nigeria. It is our pleasure to provide better facilities for an affordable fee as the top-ranking  school with better facilities.

WE OFFER following facilities for our learners:

Education is the key element in building the future. No matter in what class we belong to, the quality of education you provide to your children is the key factor that decides the future. Here at Chokhmah International Academy, we offer the best learning facilities for our students to make their future shining.

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Chokhmah International Academy is an international missionary school. The school was established on the strong Christian values of Character and Excellence.

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